It’s time to vote… for Florida Adventurer!

Florida Adventurer Photo Contest

As poll results trickle in this evening, I’ll have my eye on a race that doesn’t end until the end of the month – the Florida State Parks Photo Contest.

Please vote for this photo! (click to go to the voting page)

About a month ago, I posted photos from an up-close encounter with the famed wild horses of Paynes Prairie.  Now, one of those photos is in the Florida State Parks monthly photo contest.

I would greatly appreciate your vote.  It won’t take more than five seconds – there’s no registration, no signup – all you have to do is click “vote” on the photo titled “Walking with Wild Horses.”

While you’re there, be sure to check out the other selected entries for this month.  Just don’t vote for any of them.

To vote, click here, or click the image at the top of this post, or click the obnoxiously large button in the right toolbar (which will be there all month, thank you very much).

Thanks in advance, and I’ll split the cash prize with everyone who votes!




Note:  There is no cash prize.



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