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Will sequestration hurt Florida’s National Parks?

Barring a miracle, Friday will see the federal government go through something now being called “sequestration,” a series of across-the-board, indiscriminate cuts to federal programs. Sequestration was never supposed to happen, though.  It was a time-bomb signed into law to force our government to come up with rational, meaningful reductions before March 1 – something […]

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History and mystery at Rye Preserve in Manatee County

I’m a big fan of “neighborhood campgrounds” – those little, out-of-the-way campgrounds with few amenities and even fewer campers.  Probably because I don’t care too much about campsite grills and frills, but these campgrounds tend to be cheaper, quieter and ready on short notice. In Manatee County, Rye Preserve is one such campground.  It’s about as […]